Saturday, November 28, 2009

A few new reads

I love to read. I love opening a book and literally feeling like I'm there in the scene, experiencing what I'm reading in real life. I've had more free time on my hands so I'm going through books a lot more quickly. I have to say its a little ridiculous how much I enjoy reading... its an addiction. All I want to do is fall into the world I read about and the lives that have been written with such detail.

My most recent infatuation started a couple of weeks ago when my fabulous friend Jenn from work introduced me to a few books she had just completed. They are written by the author Emily Giffin and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy her books. I started with the novel Something Borrowed. I have become obsessed with her writing style. She brings the story to life in such a way where you feel like you are standing in the room with the characters; sharing the emotions that they feel, seeing what they see. I read the book in about 5 days. Jenn promised me the sequel Something Blue and just like the first I was sucked in. I'm excited to know that Emily has written several other books that I can't wait to divulge.

-Thanks Jenn for sharing with me such a great set of books!

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Raglands said...

Im going to have to read those.