Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Utah Visits

So it seems a little odd that I went and visited Utah after only being away for about a month. Well it all began when my old roommate Kellyanne and I planned to attend the Dashboard Confessional concert. We hit it up last year and had one of the best times of our lives (at least mine... see blog on concerts) :) So I booked my tickets back out to Utah, took the time off of work and planned the visits to see many important people to me. That's when the news hit... the phone call from Kellyanne saying that "Dashboard canceled their concert" I was devastated, reached for a brown paper sack to breath into, counted to 10 (ok it wasn't that bad) but I had to make the decision on whether or not I should still go through with the trip. My whole point was to go to their concert and now that it was canceled, I contemplated staying in Colorado. I had plenty of work to do, could save the money and vacation hours but I missed my friends terribly and needed a little break so Utah and me were one again...

Here is Noah and me (my friend Sam's son) I want to gobble him up!

My dear dear friend Sam and her little man Noah!

This is me holding my friend Tanya's new little mini! Oh my goodness he was just a little piece of Heaven!

Tanya and her mini(Rocco Manoni)

I went out with my favorite couple Angie and Tony on Friday night!! We had so much fun going to FYE... Tony finally got to see Angie and I in action and help with the decision process. I adore them and hope someday I have a relationship as good as theirs!

I went out to lunch with my sweet friend Diana!!

This picture is old but my wonderful friend Christina hooked me up with an hour long massage at her school! It was amazing (especially since it was my first one)

And of course... my fabulous girls! We got pedicures, went to dinners, made up new games and had a great time!

Thanks for nice relaxing and fabulous weekend friends!

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