Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Snow storms

I meant to blog about this earlier but just barely pulled my pictures off my camera. I was reminded that not more then a month ago this weather is what welcomed me home. Could you believe that we ended up getting 23 inches worth of Snow! It snowed straight for 48 hours, trapping every living being inside. Don't you worry though... this weather wasn't trapping me in. I was being defiant, determined to not let a little snow get me down! Ironically this was the same week that my trainer for work flew out from Kansas (leaving 70 degree weather) to train me. I had promised her the week prior to her flight that I would get her to an outlet mall so she could enjoy the wonderful world of Coach, Guess, Ed Hardy, etc So Rebekah and I drove 15 miles/per hour to the mountains. A drive that was normally supposed to take 35 minutes took us 1 hour and 10 minutes. As we were pulling off the exit Rebekah says to me "Wouldn't it be funny if they weren't even open!?" I gave a little chuckle realizing that Oh my heck that could very well be the case.

Sure enough... not a single car sat in the parking lots of the outlet mall. Why we never thought this through before we made the journey is beyond me, but what shocks me even more is when retelling this story... everyone's comment was "Oh I figured it would be closed with all the snow falling". Really? Really? You knew but choose not to share this small piece of information with us?

So we drove a total of 2 hours round trip to eat at a Qudobas at the Castle Rock Outlet Mall. Lets just say, we got some good talking done.

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