Sunday, December 20, 2009


I know its a bit ridiculous but I'm in love with these shoes! Now I've been seeing ads in almost every magazine that I flip through but it wasn't until just recently when I realized I need these shoes. I thought that I would be able to casually walk into any local athletic shoe store and make this fabulous purchase. I entered my first store and took a quick lap around the store, even shocked that I would need to do this. Quickly asking a sales associate "Where are the Easy Tone Reebok shoes?" I expected a quick point to their location and I would be on my way. "I'm sorry we don't carry those shoes". "Oh, ok" A little surprised, I shrugged my shoulders and figured I would just head across the street to the next store and make my purchase there. I soon realized that finding these shoes wasn't going to be easy. "We don't carry them" or "We're out of stock on them" was the common theme I heard.

It became an obsession for me... I was determined to find these shoes. Ordering online turned out to bring dismal results as well. I need these shoes. Sleeping is no longer an option. I have checked over 15 stores, searched 10 different websites and still am left empty handed.

and then...

One store came through... Dicks sporting goods store. Location: 30 miles away. Store opens: 7am. What time will I be there: 7am.

I'm getting these shoes.

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