Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family History

So I need to admit something to my blog followers. Something I should probably be ashamed to share but it needs to come out. I thought the idea of family history was a bore. I never thought it would be interesting nor did I have any desire to take part in the research. I always figured that is something you do when you get old and especially in our religion, that's the only time you do it.

We had a wonderful lesson in church last week on Family History and I was disappointed in myself that I knew very (and when I say very I mean VERY) little about my ancestors. I listened to several people share their stories of great-great grandparents who did remarkable things. I left feeling down on myself for being to self involved in myself and not taking a few minutes to find out about, well... my family!

I came up and visited my aunt this weekend, she has done a good amount of research on my dad's side of the family and we chatted about it for a couple of hours. She pulled out huge binders full of stories and pictures of my ancestors. I spent the next 6 hours going through these books, learning about these men and women who sacrificed so much. I only made it through a small portion of the stories but it made me eager to do some of this myself. I listed a couple of interesting facts from my grandparents and above that I thought I would share. I plan to squeeze in a few hours over the next couple of weeks to get my own book started. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

- My grandpa loved to dance and play music. He said any spare moments he had you could find him dancing or singing.
-My grandma served a mission, worked in a beauty shop and didn't get married until she was 27. (There is hope for me!)
-Most of my great-grandpas were polygamists. Not one had less then 12 kids. When polygamy stopped they were forced to let go of some of their wives. Many struggled with this decision and continued to keep them even if it meant they would be put in jail.
-I had a great great great grandmother who loved to sew. She and her husband were good friends with Joseph Smith and Emma. My grandmother sewed a lot of Joseph's clothes for him, including the outfit he was killed in.

Just a few stories that stuck with me... I'm excited to gather more :)

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

That's AWESOME! I love hearing stories about my ancestors.... I remember as a girl just sitting with my grandma and listening to her memories. Those were some of the best times.... (she was 96 when she died, so she had a lot of cool stuff ;)

Adam and I have started doing his family work too. Since he's a convert, we have a mountain to climb ;)