Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Making a fool of myself... whats new!?

We've all been there... doing something ridiculous in public where you pray that either no one saw you (which is usually unlikely) or pray that the Lord will strike you down so you don't have to see the faces of the people who did in fact notice. For some of you, you may be shaking your head and think to yourself "I rarely ever come across these moments" or "Sure I've had those moments but I'm not stupid enough to share it on my blog" As I've told many of you, my life is an open book (with a few torn out pages) and when ever I come across a moment when I can bring a smile to my friends face or make enemies happy to see "even I have flaws" I'll jump at the opportunity.

Twice now I have embarrassed myself singing in public. For those of you who are cringing at the thought "she sings in public" or even trying to picture me actually putting on performances and having an audience, that's not the singing I'm talking about. Let me explain...

The first experience happened while visiting my sister in a small town called Craig, CO. While walking into one of the seven stores that are in the small town, a few of my family members stopped to look at the sale they had going on outside of the store. Most of the time I forget I am in public (this being one of the moments) and will act very silly. We had been listening to High School Musical 2 with my niece in the car. I started singing the song to my sister without a care in the world. Last I had seen, there wasn't a single person outside within a 19 mile radius of us. I sang as loud as I could to my sister. I didn't notice the man come out of the store behind me and as I turned to go through a paper away (still singing might I add) he said to me "you have a very pleasant voice, thank you for singing and don't stop." All I could do was smile and listen to the laughs from my family behind me.

Second instance happened just this week. My sister and I had some time to kill before going to see a movie. We ran next door to Borders and were doing a little browsing. It was late and there were very few people shopping. My sister and I were headed to the registers from the back of the store. I had gotten a head start up to the front but was sure she was right behind me. I heard her come up next to me and with my hand in a fist holding only my thumb up (my pretend microphone) I leaned towards the person coming up on my left and started singing. Turns out my sister stopped to look at a book and the person who had come up next to me was a random shopper passing me. I tried to cover up my singing by using my thumb to point to the books that were next to the shopper. I don't think she fell for it but gave me a sympathetic smile. I ran back to my sister and informed her to let me know next time she stops to shop.

I am hoping I have learned my lesson and the next time I throw the microphone thumb up ready to sing a tune, I am fully aware of my surroundings and the people who are near. Or maybe I should refrain from doing it at all. :0)


Nat said...

You got me laughing hard on the second one. I hope that I can share one of these moments with you soon. Love you girl!

Ash said...

And don't we remember the time I caught you doing some ridiculous form of the hula coming out of your bathroom?