Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Next Big Thing

I have to admit that I am easily inspired. Watching someone do something enough times automatically ensures that I too can master it. Whether it be learning the guitar to becoming the next CIA agent, I can accomplish it all. I guess it began when I was little and would watch Bob Ross paint on his canvas. He would some how make a blob of paint turn into a deep ocean, or a forest. Not long after watching his show, I decided that my painting skills were up to the challenge. I had my mom buy me a bright white canvas, new paintbrushes and colorful paint. Lets just say that I easily gave up on that dream when my ocean and mountains were confused as a horse with different sized legs. I didn't let this small set back get me down though, so what if I can't paint, I found my next calling in life when I was just a few years older.
I promised myself that I would be the next horse diving girl after I watched the movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. I knew that I would get the chance to run away with the circus people, fall in love with a handsome young guy and dive horses for the rest of my life. Then I went on my first high dive at the swimming pool and realized I was terrified of heights. Next...
In junior high my friend Danielle and i fell in love with the movie Titanic and decided that we needed to write a movie script so amazingly good that Leonardo DiCaprio would star in it. By pulling this together we would then get to be on the set and finally have our chance to profess our undying love to him! And really how difficult is it to write a movie script? So we plugged away, putting in countless amount of hours planning the storyline, picking the perfect cast, outlining the cliffhangers etc. and after two pages and the script complete we decided we weren't actually cut out for that line of work anyway.
Four years ago, I was going to be a CIA agent and learn how to defend myself and beat men up that were twice my size after becoming addicted the the TV show Alias.
All lifestyles that I was dedicated to becoming, which leads me to my most recent project. A seed that was planted six months ago but really started growing a few months later. Reading the twilight books and then seeing them come alive in the movie has really made me want to bring out some of my creative side. Stephenie Myer wrote a book from a dream that she had, and now look at her! I have ideas running through my head all the time... most of them random, others complex, but some that could pull out my creativity and make me famous.

So one day, I chatted with my friend Michael about the idea of writing a book. It didn't need to be anything amazing. The ideas of being famous could come later in life, I've got plenty of time. I wanted to reach inside of me and do something I never have before; a dream that I might be able to accomplish. My friend encouraged me and helped me toy around with the few ideas I had. Its been three months and I'm 50 pages into my story. Its nothing much yet, but maybe someday it can be.


Adam and Shari Crawford said...

That is so great, girl!! I have been looking at that idea, but in a different direction. I was looking into Children's books..... I'm trying out a few different stoies from my childhood....

I'm glad I found your blog!! Now I can check in on you more regularly ;)

Angie said...

Go Jennie! I think that is a great idea! I can totally see you doing something like that! I want to be the first to read this masterpiece!