Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hopeless Romantic

I find it kind of silly that my post prior to this one was a dedication to the nuns, my desire to be one and the top ten reasons why it would be a good decision. Those of you who read this may be wondering if I have found that "special someone". Fear not my single friends... I am still in your corner, but I have realized that I am a sucker for romance and the idea of falling in love. I don't speak of anyone in particular, only the imaginative characters in the movies or in the stories I read. I have tried to fight it but I can't help but feel the tugging of my heart strings when watching two people who have gone through their own struggles of searching for "that special someone" finally able to end the battle and truly fall in love. More and more I find myself searching for the novels that share the tale of two lost souls looking for their other half. Or dropping subtle hints to my friends to see movies of a guy and girl falling in love for the third time. I will remove my pride and share with the world my secret. I AM A HOPELESS ROMANTIC!! My fear now is not only the ridicule I will get after my faithful fans read this post, but the many acts of love I have read or seen will continue to linger in my mind. I hope someone is up for the challenge of catching my attention. :0)

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Ash said...

Oh boy Jennie did you catch me at a bad time...Love is a cruel and terrible thing. With no sympathy or mercy it poisons your delicate heart and then strangles its whimpering last breathes of life. Then it abandons you and leaves you there to try and mend the pieces of your dying heart. I pity the fool. And i do agree that it will be quite the challenge to take on your poetic hopelessness, though i think some guy will find it worth it.