Monday, November 17, 2008


OK... For years now I have said how I really need to look into becoming a nun. I know some of you are thinking "but why would you do that!?" I've decided after sharing with you some of the "perks" of being a nun I would put them down in writing...

the 10 top reasons why it would be cool to be a nun!

10. Never have to shave your legs or underarms again (save on wax jobs too)
9. Wouldn't have to worry about not being up with the latest fashions... one outfit that's all you need!
8. Free room and board (no more stinky or crazy landlords)
7. Save a ton of money! (That you can give to the homeless)
6. Live with all your closest of girlfriends (ignore the cat fights)
5. No need to get pampered everyday (out with the makeup)
4. Can't figure out how to control your hair? No need just throw it back under the cap you wear (is that the technical term?)
3. No stressful situations... just constantly serving
2. Have God in your life 24/7
and the number 1 reason to become a nun...




jennsekona said...

you make me laugh you silly nun

Justin D. Badger said...

As you could guess I DEFINITELY rolled my eyes when I say that post so I decided to come up with 11 reasons what you should NOT become a nun.
1.No sex EVER!
2.Loss of exaltation due to broken covenants.
3.You are too hot to be a nun so you would probably end up being lusted after by some nasty old monk or priest or whatever.
4.Crappy food all day every day
5.No sex EVER!
6.You would only be able to listen to that weird old school church music.
7.No sex EVER!
8.You would have to live in some gross old convent in the middle of no where.
9.No sex EVER!
10.No more Cafe Rio Ever!
11. And the most important reason to not be a nun: You would probably never see Justin again.

I hope you think about this and realize what a crappy idea this really is. You goober. :)