Sunday, October 26, 2008

So last week I had the chance to go with my roommate to the Dashboard Confessional Concert. When the idea was first presented to me I actually asked her to see if there was anyone else that would want the extra ticket she had acquired. I wasn't too familiar with their songs and it seemed silly to spend the extra $50. We decided that we would have more fun going together, so she quickly helped me with my little set back. She burned me serveral CDs of Plain White T's, Panic at the Disco, and Dashboard Confessional. We got to the show and immediately the doubt of feeling silly at a concert of artists I didn't know was let go and pure excitement overwhelmed me! Something about being at the concert, screaming your heart out as you sing along with the artist is exilerating. We were the only ones feeling this sensation as we danced along with several others. Especially our favorite fellow concert goer named "Drunk Man" who found moves that no one could top!

We gained the "groupie" nickname and to uphold our reputation we purchased shirts! We danced and sang to the last few songs and then sadness overwhelmed me as I realized the night was almost over. We stood there, watching the band leave backstage and looked around at the pockets of crowding going on. It was then that we realized, members of the bands had decided to come out and meet their fans. My roommate and I ran from the place we were standing to meet these fantastic entertainers! We left an hour later knowing the night was a success!!!!


Angie said...

Good job for posting:) It sounds like you guys had some fun! We need to get together soon!

jessl said...

that looks like so much fun! i cant believe it took me this long to find your blog i am so excited i can stalk you now