Saturday, September 6, 2008

book of life

A little more then three months is all that stands between me and Christmas! Is it really September already? Before long I will enjoy the long sleeves, coats and scarfs only until I step outside to the fridgid weather and curse my car for not heating up fast enough! What have I done this past year. I think at one point I set some new year resolutions but couldn't tell ya how close I am to getting to that change.
Its been a few months since I wrote on my blog last and to all of my readers who so anxiously want to keep up to date with me here are some of the newest changes that have consumed my life.
After living in three different places in six months, I decided to move yet again back to Lehi where I had just come from not more then four months ago. The drive to Sandy was slowly becoming more and more of a pain and although I moved to Provo from Lehi at the beginning of the summer it had served its purpose and I decided that I was past the Provo scene. Two my friends found a cute little condo for a great price, packed our bags and said goodbye to the town we had all lived in for so many years.
So speaking of my job in Sandy, the point of the mountain is death trap waiting to happen. As winter approaches, the mountain comes to life and produces its own masses of weather to the point where you fear for your life as drive around it. My little jetta would cringe at the thought each time I pushed her up the hill and around the bend just to get to work. Since the majority of the year is winter except for few warm months of summer, I decided to get myself a new car! I went and spoiled myself and got the xterra that I was contemplating on getting back around my birthday. Its was sad to depart from the jetta but it was time.
Lastly, against the better wishes of my mother I choose to re-color my hair and go back to dark. I was the closest to my natural color about 5 months ago and nothing made my mom more happy! To me, brunettes have more fun and being my natural color for even a few months was torture as it is.

So the summer had some nice changes to it, I feel like a new chapter in my so called "book of life" has started and more then ever I'm excited to see what winter can come up with.


jennsekona said...

yea, you wrote something on your blog! i do check it from time to time and am always sad that you've not had time to report. you're not alone in your wonderings of where are you this year compared to last of these years i figure i'm actually going to see that i've progressed into something beyond fabulous, but i'm stuck with fabulous, so what's a girl to do?

Angie said...

I am so glad that you finally posted!! Keep doing it! See you on Friday!!!