Monday, May 26, 2008

The Airport

So many people laugh at me because of my love of the airport... next to borders its my favorite place to be. Sometimes I tell the person taking me to the airport that my flight leaves just a few minutes earlier then it really does so that I get to spend a little bit more time there. The airport is always associated with a negative connotation and I'm going to have to argue against this...
First, going to the airport means you are going somewhere and 98% of the time you are going somewhere fun, a vacation perhaps. The excitement of having a destination somewhere other then where you are now is one of the best feelings.
Second, if you are anything like me you love people watching. I find it fascinating to watch how families interact with each other during stressful moments or long periods of waiting. That's when true personalities come out.
Next, there is something about going and getting a magazine and reading up on the latest gossip in Hollywood... sure you can do that standing in line at the grocery store or in the comfort of your home, but it again it leads back to the first point I made.
Finally, vacations are always needed and the airport is your ticket to that! So the next time you want to rag on the airport... think first of the wonderful things it provides.


Ash said...


Stinking, Smelly Seats. Remember the time I stuck my finger in a bugar. Also, whoever designed them must also design torture devices. They are miserably uncomfortable with no place to rest your weary head before your red eye.

Anxiety: The hustle and bustle, gates and numbers B2, G2, Terminal hee haa. Its like a bee hive of angry buzzing. And constant announcing over the loud speakers. Plus the anxiety of missing your flight.

Neighbors: And the guy who sits next to you who wont stop talking even though your pretending to be asleep but you can’t sleep because he stinks.

Public Restrooms: The bathrooms with automatic flushing, auto water, and auto sanitizer spray. Who gave the airport the right to take away my personal liberty to flush my own toilet.

Overpriced Bad Food. When I’m hungry and cranky why would I want to spend twice the regular price for food that I don't want anyways.

I rest my case!

Chellor said...

Although I love travel and flying, I can't say I love the airport.

Jenni, my love, try flying out of JFK on christmas eve and I think you may change your mind. There should be camels and goats roaming around and people selling their silver and trading food. It's primitive and awful.

I still LOVE every other aspect of traveling though. And you. :)