Monday, December 15, 2008

Healthy Obsessions?

I hate to admit this but I have a feeling that I fall into the category of obsessed. I titled this blog Healthy Obsessions with a question mark because this could be a debate. I am coming more and more to the conclusion that life shouldn't be lived through movies, books or TV. What is that famous saying, "Grab life by the reins and take control". (I promise I'm going somewhere with this) For those of you who don't know me super well I am a big entertainment person. I love movies almost more then I love food. (I really love food!)

FYE (For Your Entertainment) is a small branch of heaven on earth here for me. My friend Angie laughs at me because she knows that we have to schedule at least two hours for that store whenever we enter into it. For most people, dinner and a movie is such a "lame" date. That was so the 90's! For me, bring on the dinner and movie. (In fact, skip the dinner)

Continuing on my entertainment kick I love reading. A few entries ago I wrote about my love for Borders. Reading up on the latest pirate ships, or how Madonna became Madonna. I am easily entertained.

And of course how can we forget about television. At least two-three times a week, people tell me of their love for various TV shows and suggest that I give it a shot and watch the first episode. If I don't love it, then I never have to watch it again. That's where the fall begins. I fell for this one time when my old roommate Ashley told me to watch the OC. In her words, "Jennie, just watch the first four episodes with me. If you don't love it, then you won't have to watch it ever again." Four seasons later and owning the first couple of seasons on DVD, its obvious that I became a little addicted. Now when people suggest shows to me, I immediately let them know that I have three shows that I watch. I refuse to add anymore on there.

So what does this have to do with Healthy Obsessions? Due to the few shows/books and movies I have become addicted to this is how I secretly (not such a secret anymore) hoped my life would have played out... I go to High School in Orange County where I hang out with Seth, Ryan, Marissa and Summer. After high school I say goodbye to some of my closest friends where I move to Seattle and become an intern at Seattle Graces Hospital. Here I deal with the drama of my close friend Izzy and George. Meridith is dating Derick and Sloan is constantly wanting to "date" me. Little does he know that when I go home Edward is there waiting for me- the perfect man.

This is why I add the question mark at the end. Its an addiction and I'm learning to control it. :0)

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Angie said...

Jennie that is so hilarious!! This post made me laugh so hard! I think they are all healthy obsessions!