Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things to give Thanks for

Recently my friend Ashley and I spent a Saturday night laughing and enjoying the night. With this combination and her love for spontaneous actions and my need for doing more things out of the ordinary, it is no shocker that at 1:30 AM we decided to drive the 5 hour drive to Vegas. We began the night going up to Salt Lake, eating at the Pie, and going to a nasty old lounge but hearing some amazing music. From there we convinced each other of the "fun" we could have in Vegas and how much time we would have to incorporate this "fun" into our night.
Well we survived the trip... we got to Vegas, after sleeping in St George and spent the next 7 hours shopping and laughing some more. The reason I choose to title this particular blog "Things to give Thanks for" is because going on this trip and with the passing of Thanksgiving... there is much to be thankful for and I wanted to list a few...
I'm thankful for Big Lots and their helpful service they are always willing to give each of their customers. I am thankful for ATMs at gas stations that refuse to take my card so I am not fooled into loosing an extra dollar. I am thankful for the pizza at the Pie and the writings on the wall that I am able to read while enjoying this fabulous dinner. I am thankful for spontaneous friends and anxiety exits to share moments of craziness with. I am thankful for good people who reach out to help those who do not have a place to stay. (even if they fight marines) I am thankful for heaters in cars and thick blankets to keep warm. (wish we had some) I am thankful for cars being so high tech that they do things automatically that we question our intelligence when we are unsure of how to work them. (i.e. blinker) I am thankful for truck stops to ensure that sleepy people stay off the road and get a little bit of a nap. (even a 4 hour one) Lastly, I am thankful for good stores to spend countless amount of hours in as well as a fair amount of money.

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Ash said...

Oh look "Hey Jennie".... oh no wait "Hate Jennie"...I'm also thankful for the writings on the wall. And for drummers who lay down in our booth and hit their head on the table.