Monday, November 19, 2007

The world is yours

I have found myself lost in deep thoughts lately, mostly concerning only myself and like the game of chess scouting out my next big move, only to find myself knocked off the board at the next play. I have been so consumed in my own world that I have forgotten to let my eyes open up to see the world around me.
I received a text message from my sister who is anxiously awaiting to give birth to a baby girl. At that moment is when I realized that a new person is entering this world... a world full of hatred, pain and challenges, but also a world of hope, love and beauty. I am an aunt once again. An influence to another little one who has the world at her feet.
How thankful I am for precious moments like this where I am able to pull myself from my selfish ways and enjoy these exciting moments. Congrats Taya Nicole... the world is yours!