Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kissing... is it a game?

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A few of my close friends consider me a "kissing slut". I was searching the web for a really good quote that I could use for the title of this entry and I think it was fate that the first place I looked had not a quote, but a book of quotes. The great thing about it... was the title! Don't let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you. How many times have I fallen into this category... well since I'm still single, I think that I'm most suitable for this title. According to Andy Warhol Everybody ends up kissing the wrong person good night. My story is said in these two quotes. My latest is a guy close friends know as Edward (keeping his identity a secret). I let his kiss fool me and obviously he is the wrong person to be kissing goodnight. Where does it end? For most, they have acquired the art of kissing without attachment. Most would think that I have as well. I wish I could say that were true; unfortunately I've acquired the art of attachment. Maybe someday I will learn from my mistakes, or maybe I won't. :-)

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Steph said...

I can solve your problems! Holland this Spring? :)

I'm glad a kiss still holds value to you. I know it's hard to have realtionships not work out but really only ONE is supposed to work. This means that there will be hundreds that don't. I know he's out there!