Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All the in between...

I haven't really felt like blogging much lately... I don't know if its the bitterness inside me that nothing exciting has really come along and I refuse to continually share with the blogging world that my life is just that... boring. It may be the fact that I had a really exciting first few weeks of April (my trip to Utah and Cali, getting to spend time with good friends) and then after getting settled back into my old ways, I yet again realized that nothing exciting is happening in my life. I was going to just type that this is my life, I go to work where I spend almost 8 hours staring at a computer and talking on the phone. I then drive to the gym which is 45 minutes away from my house and work out, then I come home and do homework and of course catch up on all 40 reality shows i've been sucked into.... these our my days. So what is this blog about... all the little things that happen every so often that help switch my days up a little.

The Dentist

I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago... it had been a while since my last visit (3 years to be exact). They did their regular checkup (only 1 cavity which I think is pretty good since I hadn't been in so long!). I've never been to a dentist where they ask you a question that is much more then just a yes or a no while they have their fingers half way down your throat. This dentist was no different then the rest. At the end of my visit my dentist says to me... "Did you have braces?" I proudly smile, "Why yes I did..." (assuming he was going to compliment me on what a great smile I have). 'Well" he says, "It looks like you've got this and this and this we need to fix... it might not be a bad idea to think about braces again."

Long story short... It looks like the braces are going to be put back on for a year... So much for the hot dates I'm going to get with these bad boys on.

My Job

So one thing that Target can always promise you... is change! They are always changing something behind the scenes. Well one of the big changes that has been speculated of happening is moving my current position up to our headquarters location in Minnesota. What you say!? Yes, from talking to my peers we are all under the same speculation that by this time next year we all will either be living in Minnesota or finding a new job. For me... I have no intentions of moving to Minnesota. They have ice storms. Enough said. So what do I do... well they have suggested a few options to me, something i'm not 100% sold on. So it looks like i'm dusting off the ol' resume and seeing what magic will happen with it. I'm not opposed to moving back to Utah, if the job was right and paid me enough but I'm happy in Colorado... shocking at it may sound to some, I am. We'll see what happens. (PS... if any of you wealthy souls out there who read my blog have some advice... or just want to give me money, I'll take both)

My 26th Birthday

In two weeks I will be 26 years old... a time in my life where I assumed so many different things would have happened by now. Four years until 30, six years past 20. I told my mom that I was going to hide in my room that day, dress in all black, close the blinds and let no happiness come in. (I'm kidding.. well sort of). I can't believe I'm going to be 26 years old (May 17th people). This is a life altering time in my life... I decided to accept 25 only because it was sort of a big deal to be 25... but to be 26, it may cause me to throw up a little. Welp, I guess I gotta get my priorities straight, either be fit by 26 or be in a size 26. Find a good man (yes, I'm still sort of dating the 21 year old... shhhh!) and do something with my life.

So these are the small things that are circling through my mind. On a side note at work we sit on the yoga balls instead of chairs (supposedly it works your core). My boss and I find enjoyment seeing the various ways we to position ourselves on the ball without falling off. (We're pretty productive at times).

Here's to the in between...


Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Now, I think THIS is interesting stuff! Excersise balls? Really? That's AMAZING! With the b-day, I had a break down this year too.... 29 is not my idea of a fun age.... 30 is knocking WAY too closely...

Angie said...

Jennie you are so funny! You write so well. I cannot believe I will be 26 either! I remember when I first started teaching I was barely 22 and felt so young! Now I will be 26 and that seems so different! But when you really think about it, we are still so young! I would love to hear more about this 21 year old boy! Is he the one we talked a little about in Cali??