Friday, April 23, 2010

Let the good times roll!

I'm back in the cyber world... wow it has almost been a month since I last jotted some thoughts down here on my blog and that is pretty much unacceptable. A few things have happened since my last entry and I'm pretty excited to share it with you all.


So the last vacation I went on was to Utah back in November for about 5 days. Many of you may be thinking "It wasn't THAT long ago since your last vacation" but to me... it felt like years!! I literally couldn't wait until this upcoming vacation to California with some close friends the beginning of April. I patiently waited, day by day tearing off one of those homemade link chains until the day I left for vacation. (ok I really didn't do that but it probably would have been fun).

My first stop was to Utah... my friend Jenn and I actually flew out of Denver in the same terminal, two gates away from each other both headed to Utah. We had to get a photo together (Jenn's next stop after Utah... Paris, France... nothing big! and yes they got stuck by the ash).

I met up with some girlfriends for an eventful girls night out... we ate at the most delicious Italian restaurant in SLC.

I stayed with my friend and old roommate Kellyanne for the few days I was there. I met up with my wonderful friend Natalie and her little mini Brooklyn and then ended the Utah trip visiting the oldies (old roommates) for breakfast.

I had a great time catching up with old friends in Utah but I do have to say I was super excited to head to the beaches and palm trees of California. We took off Wednesday morning and immediately were welcomed by the beautiful sunny weather. I got to enjoy 6 days in pure bliss!

We visited downtown Disney a couple of times within the first two days to ensure we didn't miss out on any of the festivities Disneyland had to offer! (Don't be jealous of the hats... they had more) We also enjoyed the delicious food (might I add a little fattening as well! Hot chocolate: 968 calories.. ya I consumed that)

We found some down time where we decided to be crazy (well actually only Christal decided to be crazy) and get a tattoo.

It was shortly after that we were able to enjoy the goodness of the trip and visit Disneyland! We had to wait in long lines where our feet hurt and our tempers were rising (ok not really because Disneyland is the happiest place on earth) but we had the most fun 4 people could have.

We spent a couple of days in Disneyland and then one day in Universal Studios... the lines were so short we couldn't help but be excited about that! There were also moments of pure fright as we prepared to plunge down the 85ft cliff on the jurassic park ride! We also took the movie tour (I don't remember what it was called) but this last picture is from the movie war of the worlds (worst movie ever) but it was cool to see everything still in tact.

The last day was overcast but we were determined to hit the beach! We enjoyed the water (Tony a little more then anyone else)

Here we are saying goodbye... we can't wait until next year when we head to the beaches of Hawaii!


Angie said...

Best vacation ever!! We had so much fun and still talk about it daily. Wish it wasn't over. Love all the laughs we enjoyed! I need a copy of your pictures and I will get you a copy of mine:) Now just think, we have Hawaii to look forward to. Here we come!!!

Jenn said...

SO true! I will send you my pics soon! I miss you guys so much! It really was a great vacation!

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

That looks awesome! I'm glad you had so much fun. I wish we could've been a little further south at some point, so we could've seen you ;) BTW you look fantastic!

Jenn said...

Shari... you are so sweet! Thank you for the compliments. I miss you and hopefully someday we will get to see each other again!