Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TV junkie!

So this is just another one of those blogs that I sit and talk about TV shows! (Eventually you would think I would get tired of it... you're silly for thinking that). I've got to say that this season was a season of amazingly good finales. Of all my favorite shows I love, each ended with a few smiles, tears and fears. Below is a recap of the dozens of shows I watch (don't judge) beware some may have spoilers so avoid the recap if you haven't watched it yet.


Dancing with the stars: I became addicted to this show after moving back home. (I'm noticing this is the case with a lot of these shows) My mom is a huge fan and I just barely started watching last season. I've got to say, it amazes me some of the dances they throw together. I love Derek and Mark. I think that they turn their partners into some of the most amazing dancers. This season (SEASON 10) I fell in love with Anna and Evan. (Yes I've heard the rumors that Evan is gay but I find him absolutely adorable). I was so sad that Evan didn't win the trophy. Nicole did deserve it and therefore I just wanted to wrap my arms around Evan and give him a hug. ;o)
(Just one little side note, if you've never watched it before, this season was worth it just to laugh at Kate Gosselin trying to learn how to dance. She is pathetic! HAHA)

TUESDAY NIGHT (Tuesday is a big night- almost as big as Thursday)

Biggest Loser: This season actually won my heart over half way through. I wasn't sold on the contests and had a hard time picking who my favorite was in the beginning. Eventually Sam on the gray team won me over with his big heart and I rooted him on. Unfortunately he got voted off, just a few weeks after my other favorite Stephanie. I hated Michael when he created the teams but eventually found it in my heart to forgive him. I was excited for the finale and excited that he won the title of Biggest Loser. I was amazed at how good they all looked. (I think I've said this every year). I've decided that this is one of my favorite reality shows and have joined our own Biggest Loser at work :o) Wish me luck!

Lost: The series finale! The show I've watched for 6 seasons. Never missing an episode. I'll be honest I got a little annoyed somewhere in the middle of this season with everything going on. I couldn't figure out how they were going to end the show this season, it seemed impossible. I felt so much was still hanging on the line. The series finale left me with a lump in my throat and a few tears running down my face. When all is said and done, I feel attached to these people and loved spending Tues/Wed nights with them. I am still "lost" in some ways but am thankful that I watched it through all these years.

THURSDAY NIGHT (Biggest night)

Project Runway: This was the first time I've ever watched this show and fell in love with it immediately. I couldn't remember any of their names until there was like 4 people left but I was eager to see what types of designs they would come up with. I was so impressed with how easy they made it look! I loved Seth Aaron from the beginning! Every piece of article he created was absolutely amazing! I had a HUGE smile on my face when he won! I am looking forward to the future seasons of Project Runway.

Survivor: This is another show that I watched like the first 4 seasons of and then totally lost interest in it until I moved home. Again, my mom is a huge fan and I found myself getting sucked into it the season before last. When they announced that they were continuing with the show and this time it was Heroes vs Villains... I knew I would end up watching it. I was easily entertained by the challenges they were faced with and the different schemes they would create to avoid being voted off. I was happy that Sandra won. I would have thrown up if for some reason Russell won and I would have been ok if Parvati had won. I thought that the hero's team were about as stupid as they come (any of you who watched it will know what I'm talking about). Don't you worry... they are having another Survivor start in the fall in case you were worried! (Yippee!)

Private Practice: Wow! So this was one of the shows that I wanted to start watching eons ago but never got the chance to. I heard it had a couple of bad seasons and then it really picked up probably two seasons ago. This was about the time I started watching it. I immediately fell in love with the characters and the story line (I even at times liked it more then Grey's Anatomy... especially this season). I was heart broken that Dell died! I bawled! I had such a crush on him and thought how awful it was for his daughter Betsy. I love the guy in the wheelchair and hope that Naomi pursues him. I was so ecstatic at the end of the episode when Addison FINALLY hooked up with Sam and Violet and Pete are working things out. LOVED IT!

Grey's Anatomy: Ok can we just say... this was one of the best season finales I have ever seen!? It is tied for best next to their 2nd season finale when Denny died. For two hours I was sitting on the edge of my seat stressed out! I could not believe how much happened within the first 15 minutes of the show! Grey's hasn't been my favorite lately (I'm not down with the lesbian love scenes) but this episode blew it out of the water! Simply fabulous! I saved it so I could watch it again in a couple of weeks. (Maybe I won't be so nervous now that i know what will happen).

So these are my shows. I watch others here and there if I'm with someone but as you can tell my list of only watching two shows has grown tremendously since I've been home! Its alright though, I enjoy watching them with my mom, and then calling my sister when they are done to get her thoughts on it all. It makes for great table conversation as I'm finding everyone in my family watches one or the other.

I'm a TV junkie... what can I say! ;o)

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