Sunday, August 16, 2009

What the...??

So I know my life has been one of those movies where you sit at the edge of your seat, popcorn in hand, not able to actually make the final lift to the mouth because your eyes are glued to the show. You could hear a pin drop in the room... No one wanting to make a sound incase they miss something vital. Each person sitting around you has similar expressions on their faces. Jaws open, no one blinking, even their breathing is so shallow that its a wonder they still have color in their face.

Maybe I'm thinking a little too highly of myself, but I will let you know that even I'm a little unsure what is going on in my life... and if anyone should know, it outta be me right!? So for those of you anxious to know if I'm staying or going, if I'm doing school and if so will it be hair or regular, and where in the heck am I working... sit down, grab a bite to eat and enjoy a little bit of light reading....

So two months ago I was offered a job with my current employer out in Colorado. It was going to be a promotion and since that's where I am from and had already been contemplating a move back to the homeland... I thought it was a sign from God saying "Go home, good things to come". So I sold my contract, told my boss to find a replacement and had the parental unit move all my stuff back to Colorado. Not two weeks before I was supposed to be moving back to the Rocky Mountains did my boss inform me that our Regional offices had different plans in place for the position out in Colorado... they decided against backfilling the job. So where did that leave me? My boss asked this very same question to our Colorado offices and they said "Back at square one".

As my family can contest.... I don't handle stress very well. I don't like knowing what the next month/months look like in my life. So I went into immediate planning mood.... doing a whole re-evaluation of my life. PAUSE: A small side note... a big shout out to my momma who provides such wisdom when I can't see through the dark clouds. She knew just what to say in a time of need! PLAY: I did some research on the hair schools I was interested in out here, and even though I wasn't totally thinking clearly I could feel that hair school wasn't right for me. The school I liked out here raised its prices and didn't have any openings until next year. I didn't feel like it was right and so I went to my next option... finishing up my degree. Again I researched my classes/credits/timing etc. I could finish up my degree in 1 1/2 years if I really wanted to. Having a degree would mean more then I can even explain. I hate to admit this on here, since so often I change my ideas but its something I need to do. I've been trying to look at the reasons the job in Colorado didn't work out... besides my overwhelming frustration with the situation, had I gotten the job I would've kept putting school off. I would've made my current employer my lifetime job...when I know I can do so much more. With the reassurance from my mom that this was a good decision I made the choice to stay in Utah.

Sounds great huh? Remember, half of my stuff is sitting in Colorado, I'm living out of suitcases as different friends housesPAUSE: many many many thanks to Angie and Tony, Kristy, Kellyanne and Danielle, and Nat and Scott! You guys have saved me from living out of suitcases. PLAY: and I don't have a job. Again, much like a robot I jumped into plan mode... My dear sweet friend Brooke offered for me to live with her. She and Dorian will be such fun girls to live with and I'm excited for the adventures we will have! ;0)

Last but not least, my job... I'm not sure yet what I'm going to be doing... a lot is left hanging on a few decisions that need to be made by my company. I will continue to work for the same employer and focus on school. Once I get my degree my opportunities and options will open up. I will keep you all posted on my job, but until then this is the life I've been living for the last few weeks and let me tell you... it definitely has been an eye opener of an experience.

I'm not sure why things happen the way the do, but I'm not too upset that I don't. I trust that God does and he'll guide me if I'm willing to take His hand and let Him lead me.

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Oh Jennie, you are a MUCH more patient person than me! I would've been freaking out at the beginning! You are amazing.
I found a really cool quote the other day from Neal A Maxwell it is:
"Faith in the Lord is faith in his timeline."
You are doing FABULOUS, darling ;)

Raglands said...

Well I'm so sorry things didn't work out for you to move back to CO. It seemed like you were excited to move back, but like you said there is a plan out there for you and that will work out where ever you are. Love you and miss you tons!
Allyson(by the way)