Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've got plenty on my mind so bare with me as I unload some of it onto my blog. For some, you have been eagerly awaiting the news I spoke of in my last post. Another upcoming event in my life that I didn't want to jinx. Some of you couldn't handle the anticipation and went directly to the next source of outgoing information... my facebook page! Here you were able to see that I am interviewing for a promotion with my company. I've got two of the five interviews done (and as my dear friend Craig said to me "What the heck!? Are you interviewing to be a doctor?") I am still in the running for this position out in Colorado. Before I share too much more I would like to backup for a second and share how certain events led to this interview. I was sitting at home on a snowy winter day and it dawned on me... I have been in Utah for 6 1/2 years! I slowly started to panic, light-headed and gasping for air, I laid down on my bed hoping that this anxiety would quickly go away. I shuffled through images in my mind. Ones that were memorable, ones that made me who I am today, and ones that I removed as quickly as they entered. Days, weeks and months after this specific moment passed as I contemplated what it was I wanted in life. Naturally the first thoughts that came to my head was a family. I wanted more then anything to have a husband but knowing that its not my timing but the Man upstairs, I needed to be closer to the family he blessed me with. It was that decision (and that alone) that led me to the choice of moving back to Colorado. I prayed a lot about it, asked for direction and guidance. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, I know that God has a plan for each of us and if we ask in faith, He will lead us down the right one. I struggled back and forth with my decision to stay in Utah or move back to my family in Colorado. I weighed out my options:

Colorado Utah
-My family -My friends
-A fresh start - A good ward
-saving money -comfort

I still couldn't help but think how much I wanted to be close to my family and for that it trumped anything else in my life. Receiving the guidance I needed from the leaders in my church I made the decision. I knew I could transfer with my company; however, there was a chance of loosing a lot with the transfer. I wasn't getting the same position, I could loose a couple of dollars in pay and loose the gaurenteed 8-4:30/M-F shift. I would be living back with my parents. 25, single, and living with your parents isn't always the coolest thing, but again I knew it was something I needed to do. Two amazingly good guys came into my life over the last two months, both with real potential, but knowing that I'm moving in the next couple of months they backed off. I couldn't change my mind. Colorado is where I need to be. When I finally made the decision, opportunities started opening up for me. For example... this job (a job that opens up once every 15-20 years), a job that my bosses contacted me about, wanting to know if I would be interested. A promotion, overseeing people who do my job. I would be known within the company. A huge opportunity. Another example is how excited I am to have at least one dear friend out there named Holly, who has so anxiously kept my spirits up when sometimes they fall short of excited. Lastly, an opportunity to find someone out there who will eventually become my husband... because lets be honest, I'm too cute and won't be on the market for very long once I get out there! :0) (kidding... well kind of). So the Lord does help us along our path if we trust in Him and put all our faith Him. I don't have the job yet, and there is a good chance I don't get it. I could end up being single for a lot longer then I ever expected... but I know that whatever happens, happens for a reason. So in 45 days... I will be a Coloradian again!

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Wow! Good luck, my friend!!! I'm SO glad you DID spend those 6 1/2 years in Utah ;) I love you a ton and hope you have an AMAZING time in Colorado now!