Sunday, June 13, 2010

My minis!

So I love my family, especially the little minis in it. For those of you who don't know I have a nephew Gunner who is 12, a niece Abbie who is 9 and a niece Taya who is 2. These three individuals make me want to pull my hair out 85% of the time I'm with them. Yet, I can't help but smile when I get to watch their baseball games, cheerleading competitions or simply when they are coloring.

So a few funny stories that I have to share with you all... (mothers you might get a little more entertainment out of these)

First my nephew Gunner.

When Gunner was younger (probably 4) he and my brother Travis were talking:

Gunner: "Travis, what is that?" (pointing to a cup)
Travis: "Poop in a glass"
Gunner: "Poop in a glass? No I don't think that is poop in a glass Travis"

Next my niece Abbie's story:

About a year ago my niece Abbie was standing outside on the playground with another little girl:

Abbie: "I dare you to pee your pants!"
Little girl: "ok" (and she pees her pants)

At this point you're not sure which one is worse... my niece for daring her or the girl who pee'd her pants on a dare.

Finally Taya's story:

Nothing that Taya has said, but she does like to put things on her head and run around (i.e. her underwear, her pants, her toilet seat cover, the usual)

Gotta love these little munchkins!

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Ahhhh... I LOVE nieces and nephews! They are so fun to laugh at and spoil, and I LOVE to then send them home :)