Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love and Tacos

So this is a little behind schedule, I had all intentions of getting this out sooner but things just kept taking precedence over it (watching the tv show the Bachelor, filing my nails, or watching paint dry on the wall) but I finally got a minute at 10:33pm to type a little note.

So Sunday was the Superbowl and although I didn't know much about either of the teams I am a sucker for the underdog in any situation. I also found a new passion rooting on the New Orleans Saints because Cody was passionate about the Colts deserving to win. So we made a tiny bet but let me back up a for a sec...

Cody and I were driving around one day discussing the ways of life (it was pretty deep) and we got on the conversation of Valentine's Day. Me being a girl and it being our first holiday I wanted to celebrate! Now normally, Valentine's Day isn't something that I'm that passionate about but after hearing Cody's rantings about how stupid of a holiday it is and its a "girls" holiday I made it a point to say that it was SUPER IMPORTANT to me (I love teasing) :) While discussing Valentine's Day and going back and forth with why its important (or isn't important) he also had a craving for Taco Bell. Now Taco Bell was rated to have the lowest quality meat in any fast food restaurant chain. (I still want them to take a look at Bettos in Utah). I hate Taco Bell... it makes me want to vomit! He doesn't understand why I have such a distaste for it because he thinks you can get some quality meals from that place.

This is when the bet came into place... We decided to put up a little wager for the upcoming game. If the Colts win the Superbowl, I would drop my argument about Valentine's Day, agree that its an overrated holiday AND go with him to Taco Bell allowing him to choose my meal. Now, if the Saints win... he has to go all out and be excited about Valentine's Day. Claiming that it is a great holiday.

This was also a special Superbowl because Cody was meeting my family. Long story short we had a great time with the entire family (well except my bro wasn't there) but we laughed, joked, teased, going back and forth being stressed then finally... to pure bliss when the final score appeared on the screen. :)

Bottom line.... the Saints won!!! (in case you didn't know). Cody says that he still gets to choose dinner for our Valentine's Day celebration...haha!

(PS, he really isn't so negative towards the holiday... just likes to tease as well) I'll let you know how everything goes when we celebrate it.

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Nice!!! I love it!!! Even though I was cheering for the Colts, I'm glad something good came from the lose ;) Conversations and bets like these are one of my favorite things about being in a relationship. It's just fun to have inside jokes and fun moments ;)