Sunday, January 31, 2010

February love

Don't be silly... I'm not in love, but I sure fooled all of you by the title. I can't believe that January is gone already. Not sure about any of you, but I feel like the month just disappeared. I'm not complaining though, January has been a fabulous month, but I am VERY excited for what February holds and lets not forget the months after that. Right about now I'm comparing myself to a fat kid in a candy store with a pocket full of money. Sheer joy fills my insides as I stare up at every single piece of deliciousness and knowing that I can have any, OR, all of it if I choose to do so. I have so much sitting at my feet that it's hard not to have a smile on my face. So I title this entry "February Love" because I truly am in love with everything knocking at my door.


-LOST final season (hopefully we can get some answers!)
-Lots of birthdays... my sisters, my dads and CODY's!!
-Valentine's Day
-Meeting Cody's family and he is meeting mine
-Starting my second class (finished my first class with flying colors)
-Planning two very exciting vacations... Disneyland in April AND New Zealand in October (final plans are in the works).

Just for the record... everything is going fabulous with Cody! He has been wonderful and I can't wait to continue to see where things go. (Take that jinxing man!)Below are a couple of pics from our date this weekend. I look rotten but I wanted to get some photos up. We'll take better ones soon.


Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Sounds exciting!!! Good luck with meeting the fam! You'll do great. What's not to love? You're the greatest gal out there!

PS. You do NOT look awful in the pics ;)

Angie said...

He is so cute Jennie! I love that so many things are going fantastic for you! I need some of that to rub off on me:) I cannot wait for Disneyland in April. I got even more excited after our "conference call" on Sunday! It is going to be a blast. I kept hearing Tony chuckling downstairs at our conversation!

heather said...

Sounds like everything is going well Jennie! Fingers are crossed!