Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Biggest Loser

So I recently (well about 10 weeks ago) became a fan of the TV show the Biggest Loser. I can't help but get excited for every Tuesday night and watch the challenges that these people have to endure. I find that not only is it uplifting and changing their lives, I notice the longing I have in my own life to start eating better and exercise more. This is why I've set a little challenge for myself... (yes another one) I want to run a 10k before I move back to Colorado (oh wait... did I forget to mention how I told a little white lie in my last entry and have actually decided to go back to Colorado instead!?) Oops sorry! For my Utah friends... I've been here seven long and I guess I can say wonderful years. I have met my best friends here and I can honestly say that it will be difficult but I am excited to get back to Colorado and start new and fresh. Lets face it... Utah and I were never meant to be forever and if I don't leave now, I may never leave. So I will be venturing back to my home state sometime in August depending on school. Don't you worry though... I will still keep my blog updated and share all my exciting stories with you on here.

So back to my 10k, I always seem to down play running in my mind. For example, when people tell me the distances that they run I think to myself "Oh 9 miles, that must have been a little difficult but I can do it" (refer back to my entry about writing a story... I think I can do anything) Until I jump on that treadmill or I start running down the path outside and realize just how far a mile actually is. I'm lucky if I get to 3 or 4 miles before I'm gasping for air, looking for a place to rest my shaky knees. Sweat falls down my brow and I contemplate sticking the thumb out and showing some skin to get a ride back to my condo. Then the words of Bob and Jillian come into my head "Do it again" and I think back to my own trainer Johnny who pushed me when I thought there was no way I could do it again and somehow I find the strength to push through... so I can run this 10k! It will be my going away gift to Utah. (I know... some gift!)

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

You're moving, love? I TOTALLY didn't know that! I will miss you and I hope to still see you even when you move EVEN farther away. You are the best!