Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Water Works

Its amazing how much water the human body can hold... I mean each one of us is made up of 2/3 water! Each day we are constantly loosing the water that we intake, through working out, using the restroom, even breathing we loose 250ml on a daily basis!
Assuming you're not reading my blog to get a biology lesson, I talk about water because I am amazed how many tears I was able to produce over the last three days. I don't write to reach out to you for sympathy or total concern. I don't need the hundreds of comments asking if I am ok or if an intervention needs to take place. I write as somewhat of a tribute to a great man that I cared for a ton, and to express my amazement of the human body.

For those of you who don't know I am originally from Colorado. Moved out here almost seven years ago. I transferred with the company I was working for at the time (and still am working for). Four years ago while working in our Orem location we recently got a new store manager. At the time I didn't care for him too much but over the months he began to wear on me. He was the age of my father and being away from home with no family out here, it was nice to know that I could look to him for advice. That was the start of our friendship. Skipping the details and the boring stuff lets fast forward a little... John got a promotion he was hired to be our new District manager. He left me in the stores after a year of working together. (No more water fights, marker fights or running races) I was devastated. I cried. I slowly moved on still seeing John once or twice a month walking our store and seeing our progress. Fast forward again...(hit play... now!) John's admin at the time decides to move into a new position. I apply for the open position as John's admin and am hired. John and I started a new path again... A year of laughs, frustrations, tears, trips, advice... a year of learning for me to say the least... has just ended. The beginning of this week, John told me that he would be leaving the company... to take some time for him and his family and then look for something else. It felt like my heart dropped into my stomach. The next three days have been a lot of tears.... (me curling up in a ball, sucking my thumb with my pink blanket... ok not that bad) but this now leads me to my amazement of the human body... who knew that so many tears (I mean three days of on again tears off again tears) can come from one body. I didn't drink much either. (You emotional girls know how it is... sometimes we don't eat or drink when we are upset). I think I could have won a record of how many tears were produced these last few days.

Needless to say... John is going to be missed. The days of pounding on the fax machine hoping it will work, throwing all the paper from the shredder onto the floor, or yelling at the UPS truck for its annoying beeps... won't happen anymore. Something good will come (by no means better) but I will definitely miss those days with John.


James and Cassidee said...

My mom just told me today about this. She is quite upset also. Sounds like he is a good guy and will be missed.

The Dahle's said...

What a sweet post! You are the sweetest girl Jennie! Seriously if you want to have a girls night let me know!

Angie said...

Oh friend! I am so sorry! I know what a good relationship you had with him and you will miss him! Lets get together soon since it has been like two weeks since we've hung out! That is long for us Jennie! Love ya friend!