Tuesday, March 17, 2009


"Hello my name is Jennie Mower and I have a movie addiction" ("Hi Jennie" the monotone words are said around the circle. I take my seat next to an overly large plump man with a handle bar mustache who smells like cheap whisky.)

I realized this weekend that I have an addiction... some may say its not one to worry about but as I stare at the shrinking space on my book/movie case I realized I either need to get a bigger movie case or (gulp) I need to slow down on my movie purchases.

For those of you who have seen the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, I feel that in someway I can relate to my dear sister Isla Fisher who walks into a dept store and feels at home. When I see those three letter F Y E something inside draws me toward those automatic doors. As if a magnet was placed inside of me during one of my many nights of slumber. A mother ship calling her troops back home and I am being beckoned to return. The staff there greets me with a big smile and an offer to assist me in anything I may be looking for. I hate to be rude but I simply wave them off... never could they possibly help me find what I am searching for, because even I don't know what I am searching for. I don't waste my time with the new releases, or the non-previewed DVDs... I walk straight back to my own personal Heaven... the USED DVDs! Before I say anything more... the person who decided to sell their already viewed DVDs for a lesser cost could possibly be my favorite person. Pure Genius! I begin with the Dramas, ensuring that I look at each one of those little White Cards with the different movies that are sorted under it in Alphabetical order. From there I move through Action/Adventure, taking a quick peek at Horror and ending in Comedy. After an hour and seven or more DVD's in my hands I have to sit in their brown comfy chairs and make some of the most important decisions I have made that entire day. Which movies do I ultimately need and which ones do I set back... Torture. Pure torture.

I went on Saturday (having slight with drawls not having been there in over a month) and was able to purchase six movies (yes I said six) for $20. A steal of a deal! I squeezed these six onto my already tight bookshelf/movie stand adding to my 200 movies I already own. Thank you FYE for bringing me such entertainment!

For those of you concerned...please avoid an attempt for an intervention... I will not go easily.

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