Sunday, February 15, 2009

My TV friends

There is something about ending a TV series that brings a pain to my heart. I have spent countless amounts of hours and memorable moments with these people. Attended their proms, sat and watched as they cried alone in their rooms, I was there for their first date, their first kiss, their first breakup. I grew up with them and helped argue who they should date, how to solve tough challenges and then just as quickly as they came into my life they were out. The series finale of a show I have dedicated so much time to is like saying goodbye to some of my closest friends. I find the following days after the ending of the show alone and wallowing a bit. I long for a new episode that will give my day meaning and am left to entertain myself. I fill the void with looking up new movies they will be in and buy my tickets way in advance. As the days go on, I soon find that I am able to make it through most of the day without longing for my friends. Before long I start a new TV series, begin a new friendship and learn more about the ways of life but never forget my roots and my friends from those beginning shows. ;)

A shout out to all of my favorite characters in all of my favorite television series... thanks for the memories.

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Ash said...

The OC is real!..? You know they have counseling for people who have problems parting with TV shows. I guess its common. Kinda weird standing next to Sandy Cohen a couple weeks ago I wanted to ask how Seth and Summer were and the new baby.