Monday, February 9, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

(WARNING: If you have not seen this movie, some comments that are mentioned could be a Spoiler... Read at your own risk) :0)

This weekend I went with my roomies to see the new hit movie "He's Just not that into you". As I sat there mesmerized by the stories that were being acted out I realized it had been a long time since I have enjoyed a movie as much as this one. Emotions were pulled in all different directions, causing me to laugh, to cry to feel pain and sorrow, but it wasn't only these emotions that had me sitting in my chair, refraining from blinking in case I missed even a second of the movie. They picked a great cast to tell the tale of the famous book released a couple of years ago. I was ecstatic when one of the main characters was named after me (for those of you who don't know my entire family calls me Gigi). Finally, I almost believed that they took pieces of my life and made it into this movie... more then ever I related to each of those women on so many different levels.

Just one weekend prior to this movie coming out I found myself sitting by the phone, watching it so attentively like it would get up and do tricks hoping to get the text message that was from someone important. Only making up excuses on reasons why I didn't hear from him. Many occasions prior to even this one I have found myself comforting girlfriends who have been in situations so similar to mine, and to those in the movie. "Oh Sarah, he probably just got scared because he's never felt like this for someone before" "Betty don't sweat it, he'll call, he just is helping his grandmother do some choirs around the house", "Karen, stop crying he loves you and he will realize how dumb he is being for breaking up with you". How interesting it is that we are so afraid to be the bearer of bad news or give truth to an unsettling situation. I think the moment that touched me the most, the quote that made me want to stand up and start clapping was what Gigi said to Alex about love and the stupid things that girls do in attempts to make a relationship work. I stand by her in saying that I too do those stupid things, saying things without thinking, becoming interested in music, or sports for a guy in hopes that he will think I'm hip or cool. In all reality i am just another girl, the exception to the rule... but I can honestly say I am closer to finding real love then those who close themselves off from finding that.

What a joy that movie brought to my life!! (This entry may be slightly obsessive I just really enjoyed the movie.)

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