Monday, April 7, 2008


Whats more ideal then getting all the girls together, sharing the latest gossip of new trends they've found. Talking about the latest guy they are eyeing or how the last one broke their heart? I've realized now more then ever that there is something great about being with your best friends, story telling and gossiping. Some of my favorite moments are listening to the conversations that are going on, hearing the happiness in the voices and most of all the laughs that are sincere and for real. Mothers advice: Never forget your girlfriends. Reach for them, confide in them and fall back on them. Its interesting how these are the people in our lives that at one point we couldn't go a day without telling them the latest gossip, but in the busy world we live in we let the days go by without giving those girls a call. How easy it is to let those days turn into weeks or even months before the guilt hits us when we realize the time we've lost with them. We move on and let husbands, careers, and life clutter the room we had for these women. Well today, I want all the fabulous girls in my life to know how much I care about them! This one is for your ladies!


Steph said...

I love you too! It's true sometimes all you need is a little estrogen to make the world a better place!

I am so thankful for all my close girlfriends too. They get me through the hard time and always make me laugh.

Chellor said...

I'm flattered that I'm included in this post (girl in the picture who's hair is attacking the side of her face.) LOVE YOU JENNIIIIII

Nat said...

I love you girl. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life. :)