Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ummm... just a bunch of nothing...

Please be aware... this post has nothing of substantial value... in fact, its just a bunch of words put together on a blog... read only if your only other choice is to watch paint dry, but that might be a little more entertaining...

So I am still going strong with my "ah-ha" moments. I've really been taking pride in the fact that I'm not worrying about the future, just living in the moment. My friend Tasha's words of "relishing in the moment" has never rang more true.


I do have one small comment to make about MEN. I never realized more then this weekend how they think with the lower half of their body and don't seem to do too much thinking with that thing called A BRAIN.

Now, I've been chatting with a handful of guys and it always amazes me the things that they say without thinking. I had a guy text me and let me know that he had a really funny story to tell me and needed to call me. This is a guy that I've been talking to for awhile online, he lives in TX and so though I enjoy talking to him (for the most part) I don't put too much thought into where its going to go because we're 1000's of miles apart. So what is this "funny" story he had to tell me? A text message he received from a girl who wanted to spend time with him and he hadn't heard from her in awhile and she lives in Utah.

Yep that is the funny story... I'm laughing in the inside like I'm sure all of you are doing...

So what was the point of that story... why share it with a girl that you've been talking to? Was he hoping that he could make me jealous... my advice... going to need a better story then that ;)

I've got guy friends that constantly tell me about the women that want them, and I know girls do the same but I've never been one to brag about myself. I just don't find it attractive and i don't really know who does.

I've always wondered how God thought Men and Women could co-exist on the same planet.

I hate Wednesdays and that is tomorrow... I pray every night that Wednesday will be taken off the calendar. Even on the calendar after Monday and Tuesday the next three are W T F... enough said!

I've been addicted to stupid TV shows and I get sucked into the drama and find myself stressing over who will be voted off next. I am going to cause myself a freaking ulcer from these dang shows!

Best news of all... I've got a wonderful 10 day trip planned the beginning of April! Utah and California! Bring on the beautiful weather :)

That's it... that's the post I've got for you. I promise they will get better... I'm just going through my "zen-ing period, becoming one with the world" haha! Or I just have nothing else to write about.

Peace out until next time!


Adam and Shari Crawford said...

I do agree with you, boys and girls are SO different. It amazes me ;) I'm glad you get to go on a vacation! If you are ANY where near Logan, give me a call. It has been WAY too long. Love ya, chica ;)

Angie said...

Wahoo! California here we come! I cannot wait for the warm weather. This trip is something I have been waiting for all my life:) I love when you post though. YOu are so honest. I also love those aha moments too. I have actually had a couple myself. See you soon!